Xinda Ekstruder


Semi-Auto Weighting & Packing Machine...

This semi-auto weigthing and packing system is suitable for packing of various plastic materials, chemicals, building materials and foods in the form of powder and pellet (granule) with the density ≥0.4T/m3. It is high speed and dust-free. Also, it doesn't breake the bags. There are three different speeds available; low, medium and high speed.


The bags filled by Mettler Toledo weigthing system moves with conveyor band and is closed the mouth by sewing machine. Alternatively, you can use hot melt bonding instead of sewing or you can use valve bags. .


Sensor brand : Mettler Toledo
Weighting range : 5-50 kg/pack
Packing speed : 200-750 pack/hour
Closing type of the mouth : Sewing, hot melt bonding or valve bags
Application  :Packing of the powder and pellets