Xinda Ekstruder


Lab. Two Roll Mills (Elektromotion)

This machine can be used for testing, analyzing and inspection of plastic materials such as masterbatch, PVC compound, etc... Electrically heated special mold, Double chrome mirror roler, high dispersion, homogenous temperature distribution, adjustable roller gap, small and easy use...


Heating Mode : Electric
Heating Time : 30 minutes from room temp. to ~ 200℃
Temperature Range : Room temp. ~ 300℃,
Temperature Control : LED digital screen, can be arrange any temp.
Temp. Accuracy : ±3.5℃
Transfer Ratio : 1:1.27
Roll Size : Ø120× L320mm,
Roll Gap : 0.1~10mm (adjustable),
Roll Surface : HRC 60 Mirror Chrome,
Security : Emergency stop button, emergency switch at knee level, others...
Diamensions : 990×390×1150 (W×D×H)mm
Weigth : ~375 kg
Power : 4.7KW,
Electric : 3∮,AC380V,22A Three-faze
Accessory : Cutting blade, plate, user manual,