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Co-Kneader Working Principle

Co-Kneader HFFR Cable Compound Line (Grav. Feeders)

Co-Kneader PVC Compound Line (100PVC+160CaCO3)

Co-Kneader PVC Compound Line Test (Medical Grade PVC)

Co-Kneader Masterbatch Line

Co-Kneader Compound Line
(Eccentric Die Face Cutting)

Co-Kneader Compound Line
(Underwater Cutting)

Co-Kneader Compound Line
(Die Face Cutting)


A Different Technology for Compounds and Masterbatch..!

Co-Kneader Cascade

Co-Kneader Main Applications;
It is able to take better results than other extruder systems with Co-Kneader especially heat sensitive formulations.

Wire and Cable Compound,
Thermoplastic Compound,
Elastomer Compound,
Thermoset Compound,
Flame Reterdant Compounds,
High Filler Compounds,
Soft ve Rigit PVC Compounds,
Powder Coating and Toner,

XINDA is one of the few producer in the world for Co-Kneader "reciprocating Kneader Technology". This technology is completely different than other conventional single or twin screw extruder technologies. It is designed especially for shear and temperature sensitive compounds. XINDA has installed hundereds of Co-Kneader lines over the world until today. Also, XINDA acquired many rewords in China and got the Certificate of High-tech Company and Certificate of High-tech Products. 


Working Principle;
Co-Kneader, has a unique mechanism. While the shaft rotates axially, also moves back and forth continuously. The screw elements have 3 (SJW) or 4 (SKW) fligths. Also, there are three or four rows fixed pins on the liner walls. These fixed pins will be stay in the gaps of the screw fligth while rotating the shaft. During this process, the material is not only sheared between the pins and kneading flights, but also inverted. This unique mechanism ensures the best homogeneous dispersions with shorter L/D rates, lower temperatures and lower pressures.


Also, Co-Kneader has a more effective heating / cooling system than twin screw extruders. The processing temperature is controlled accurately and much lower than the other machines because the materials are processed while they are intenerated, not completely melted.

For most applications there is one set (two pcs.) electric heater for each barrel section. And there is a close circuit pipe system with a heat exchanger for cooling in the barrels and also in the shaft. Users can use pure water or oil inside of this system for cooling and heating. Users can attach easily thermoregulator, chiller or cooling tower to make more accurate heat control.


Additionally, while users can watch the barrel temperature simultanously by thermocouples, they can also watch simultanously the inside melt temperature from different points of barrel by using special pins. There is a hole in this special pins to put the thermocouples to watch melt temperatures.


The spent time for cleaning and waste products have been minimized by the moduler reciprocally openable barrel system. Also, modular barrel and screw system. Also, modular barrel and screw system allows to replacement of barrel-screw-pin combination for different applications..

Co Kneader

Some applications needs some liqued additives. You have to open liquid ports on the barrel for twin screw extruders. But no need to open a port on Co-Kneader. Because, users can inject liquids by using the ports of the pins. This means you can change easily the place of the liquid feeding.



Co Kneader

  • Advantages of Co-Kneader:
  • Providing full surface sweep and processing without any dead point on the screw profile due to interaction of screws and pins.
  • Providing much more higher dispersion according to twin screw extruders. Also, full homogeneous distribution.
  • Although the material is processing with a much shorter screw it will have a better dispersion. Thus, the compounds will be higher quality because of less interaction of heat by shorter screw profile.
  • Precise temperature monitoring capabilities (simultanously watching of the barrel andmelt temperature from different points).
  • Precise temperature control capability (close circuit water cooling system in the barrel and shaft). Working temperatures will be more stabil.
  • There won't be bubbles in the pellets due to this system don't have pressure inside.
  • Easy to process high filler compounds (Example: 85% CaCO3 filler MB)
  • Effective blending of liquid components.
  • Lower melt temperatıres - Lower energy consumption.
  • Lower maintenance costs due to shorter screw length (lower L/D).
  • Extremely homogenous mixing, no shear spikes, equal treatment of polymer matrix.
  • Easy to process the sensitive chemicals.
  • Broad application for compounding without changing hardware.
  • Axially opened split barrel guarantees ease of cleaning and fast maintenance.
  • Replacement parts, such as screws, barrel lining and pins can be changed individually.

Spare Parts and Support
During the past few years we have demonstrated our ability and flexibility to offer the spare parts support with accurate and prompt service to customers' parts needs. Also, we are giving a better service for spare parts supply from our warehouse in Turkey for a few years.

XINDA has enough SJW Co-Kneader spare parts avaliable in the warehouse. For any spare parts in our SJW Co-Kneader family, we will send your required spare parts (screws, pins, liners...) in 24 hours via courier.

XINDA has supplied spare parts for different Kneader users in Germany, Japan, Korea, Indonesia and others. All the wear and tear parts are guaranteed to fit. Material options: Chrome steel, Nitrided, Bi-metal, etc.

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co-kneader parts 8
co-kneader parts 5
co-kneader parts 6
Restriction Ring
Kneading Element